Gravity Global Investments

Gravity Global Investments Ltd specializes in investment products that provide attractive yields.

In the UK we work exclusively as a distributor of investment opportunities through FCA- regulated financial service providers and non regulated introducer, offering a carefully selected range of investment opportunities from around the world and providing the full professional support and backup you would expect from a company such as ours with significant experience in the financial services market.

Our products are aimed at individuals who are regarded by their financial advisers as forming part of the medium to high net-worth market or individuals looking to discover alternative investment opportunities. They provide wealth management advisors with an attractive spread of investment products to introduce to their clients that offer attractive income and/or capital growth opportunities and where we believe that it is possible for investment risks to be managed and monitored effectively.

Exciting alternative investment sources
Our investment opportunities combine attractive returns when compared to a conventional bank deposit, because they are made up of high-yielding niche enterprises specially selected for their solid structure and inbuilt security – in most cases with a fixed income base and great growth potential that makes them resistant to market fluctuations.

These investment products are available exclusively within the UK market through our distribution partners. We work with investment professionals whom we have vetted and selected on the basis of careful consideration. Just as the products we introduce to them are subjected to rigorous analysis and due diligence, we only deal with agents who meet our standards.

We believe this is essential in maintaining appropriate standards in an industry that is now more than ever under public and regulatory scrutiny. Gravity Global Investments is looking for strong partnerships in the UK to distribute our range of ethical alternative investment products. If you are a financial intermediary with a strong track record in promotion of innovative products to high net worth investors, we believe our proposition will be attractive to both you and your clients.

SIPP Approved

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